CO2 Refills in Myrtle Beach

When I first got into kegging my homebrew, I was quickly disappointed when I learned that most welding shops only swap out tanks of CO2 – they don’t fill them. Well, that sucks because I just bought a brand new aluminum CO2 tank from Amazon. It’s nice and shiny and doesn’t look like I dug it up out of a swamp like an Uruk-hai. I would really prefer to keep my nice looking tank. Anyway, there is a welding shop called Southern Welders in Myrtle Beach that fills CO2 tanks while you wait, and they’re dirt cheap.

They fill my 5 lb. tank every year or so and they can also fill 10 lb. tanks. I’m sure they’ll fill any size you bring them. Here’s their contact info:

Southern Welders Supply
429 Piedmont Ave
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 448-1448

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