Easy Flow Liquid Malt Extract

If you brew with liquid malt extract, then you’ve certainly found yourself hovering over the brew kettle waiting forever for the LME to flow out of its container. Whether it’s a quart, or a pint, it’s literally like waiting for molasses. You can save a lot of time heating your LME in the sink, completely submerged in hot water. This loosens the thick malt, enabling it to flow more quickly.

Another tip: Have a knife or a pair of scissors handy and stab a hole on the bottom side so air can replace the volume of the LME when you begin to pour it in your brew kettle.

Make sure you get all that malty goodness out of there by rinsing the inside of the carton with some wort (I guess it’s wort at this point) and pour it in! Hope this saves you some time!

[row][span6]DME - creating an air hole[/span6][span6]Rinsing the DME out of the container[/span6][/row]

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