Glossary & Acronyms

I constantly come across new terms and lingo when I’m brewing or just reading about beer. These terms were pretty foreign to me when I first got started and like anything else, took a while to get the hang of. The first term I learned was “wort” and once I started learning about brewing, I was bombarded with acronyms such as ABV, FG, OG, and so on. This list will constantly be improved and appended to. Here’s to you improving your beer knowledge… cheers!


[badge style=”1″]ABV[/badge] Alcohol By Volume

[badge style=”1″]DME[/badge] Dried Malt Extract

[badge style=”1″]FG[/badge] Final Gravity

[badge style=”1″]IBU[/badge] International Bitterness Units

[badge style=”1″]LME[/badge] Liquid Malt Extract

[badge style=”1″]OG[/badge] Original Gravity

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