Welcome and thank you for visiting discovering beer. This blog is our journey of discovering brewing techniques, recipes, tips and tricks, and anything home brew related. We have a true passion for beer and the science behind it. Hopefully, this will eventually be a decent guide for those first getting involved in the rewarding hobby.

My name is Jonathan Carter. I was introduced to home brewing by my friend and co-worker, Justin. He and I made our first batch of Raspberry Wheat back in March or April of 2012. It was an extract kit from Williams Brewing and it came out amazing. I was literally rationing the bottles when I was running low, it came out so good. Once you have your first good brew, you’re hooked.

Since then, Justin and I brewed a few times together and a few on our own. Some success. Some failure. As we move forward with this website, we plan to share our path of this new hobby with all of you. Please comment on our articles and join the conversation. Cheers!

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    1. Nice! I just finished getting all my parts for the keezer and you can expect a post all about it. Let me know if you need some help finding suppliers.

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