Review of Porter – Bell’s Brewery

Let me start this post by clearing something up. I don’t have porter or stout glasses. I drank this out of a pilsner glass and I’m a little embarrassed about it. I’ll come across some fat wide glasses some day. Now, moving on to the important stuff. This beer is currently part of my top 5. I wonder how many times that will change through my lifetime with the abundance of craft beers. This little gem is made by Bell’s Brewery out of Michigan and I loved it from the first sip, as it only got better and better as flavors started coming through the bitterness.
ABV: 5.6%.

Appearance: Dark. Almost pitch black with hints of amber and was clear bodied if you held it up to the light.

Characteristics: The pour seemed to have a strong body but I wouldn’t call it thick by any means. I was expecting some cascading but the beer barely formed a head. I might have to pour another to determine that – could have poured it too gently because the carbonation was definitely apparent on the first sip

Smell: Bitter and hoppy (not too hoppy). Didn’t really pick up the coffee or chocolate from the smell.

First taste: Slightly bitter immediately followed by delicious toastiness.

Matured taste: Coffee flavor started appearing and becoming prominent as the beer was half empty. Yes, half empty would be the depressing way of describing a glass that’s half full. The flavor combination of coffee, toastiness, chocolate, and hops was wonderful and it left a semi-dry aftertaste, but not too dry.

Conclusion: I can’t say better things about this beer. The best way to describe my love for this brew is that I was really upset when I took the last sip. I grabbed this single bottle in a grocery store where you can build your own 6-pack and now I’m on a quest to find a consistent supply. It’ll definitely be a special occasion beer for me. The 5.6% ABV is perfect. The toasty/coffee flavors are supurb and I didn’t even mind the dry aftertaste (which is not normal for me). Great job Bell!

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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