Review of Whitewater IPA – Samuel Adams

Recently I found a six pack by Sam Adams called the “Hop Pack”. It has three different IPAs in it: Whitewater IPA, Latitude 48, and Noble Pils. I’ve had Noble Pils before and have been meaning to try the other two IPAs ever since I got a taste for IPA (thanks to Schlafly). My first of the three is Whitewater IPA.
ABV: 5.8

Appearance: Hazy like an unfiltered wheat with a deep gold color.

Characteristics: Nice frothy head with a good balance of carbonation.

Smell: hops, orange/peach, and pine.

First taste: My first few sips left me with a bitter and tart taste, along with citrus.

Matured taste: The tart aftertaste is powerful and the beer leaves an extremely dry mark. I was actually debating walking to the fridge to get a glass of iced water.

Conclusion: considering all the characteristics of this beer, the three words that would best describe it would be tart, dry, and peachy. I know it’s brewed with apricots and maybe that’s where the tart aftertaste comes from. I like how the head kept its volume and coated my glass as I drank this beer to the end. It’s a rather tasty IPA, but I couldn’t get past the dryness.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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